March 31, 2012

My project and working process

And now.... I'm posting my project. The project isn't finished yet. But I suppouse working process is very engaging. So it's here

Photos "Before". To start with, I'll only show the hall.

Sorry about my awful photos, but that day I had only my phone

I don't attach all my layouts, I think it isn't interesting.
1st floor
1st floor
2 floor
2nd floor
It's 3D visualization

Oh... I've spent a lot of my precious time working on this project. This is a big mansion, nearly 600m2. I really hope that the owners of the house will celebrate the new home party in 2 or 3 months.
What's about hall?
The main trouble which I encountered was atrium on the seiling. The architect designed it wrong. And I made a decision to cover it. My customer wanted to decorate it with stained- glass window, but I decided that it was very dangerous. So we closed the atrium with Dipline panels

By the way, system Smart House by GIRA in house was installed in the house

This is the sample which I made for gilding art forging. We are going to make it a.s.a.p

 A few days ago electrician had bugun to install chandeliers and sconces.

After a few weeks will be bring and place a lot of furniture.
To be continued....

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