March 23, 2012

Fireplace & miracle

Small prolog:
 Personally, I do believe that miracles must happen. And thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that I was able to work my own miracle. And I decided to make a quick repair in the living room. I repainted all walls in beige. When I was painting wall, I remembered that I have an old and very dull fireplace. And at the moment I decided to decorated it. I'm a decorator, after all  =)

 "Before". Oh, It's an absolutely miserable scene.

Sorry about my mess. Actually I had a repair. How am I doing that?

1.At first I'm doing cracks and scratchers with an old screwdriver.
2. Next I beat all the sharp corners with a hammer

3.Next step. I painted all details with simply beige acrylic paint for walls

4. I needed to make my fairplace look older, for this I  mixed beetwen
 brown paint & conditioned for paint.This mixture I painted surface 
and very quickly erased with an old cloth. 

5. The next step is very interesting, it's necessary to add a few gold leaves.

6. Then I attached all the parts together. And we can see the " After" photo.

I have to buy same big candles for the inside part. I'm thinking of doing it a.s.a.p
In fact the miracles are easy to work.

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