February 7, 2014

Friday's blog. Moments that inspire me

Welcome to "Friday's blog". Series of articles about
my favorite design Tweets, Facebook pages and
interesting blogs on this week.
'All the names are clickable'
 A work of art is one of mystery, the one extreme 
magic; everything else is either arithmetic or biology.

Top design tweets

This room has a real sense of grandeur but is incredibly inviting and 
relaxing at the same time.
Kelly Hoppen

style. Turning your dining room into a
dining room

- it looked kinda like this. CC
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A preview of our exciting collaboration >> ": Harrods is Home.
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Design Challenge | How to work with White Lacquer Floors! Read advice
White Lacquer Floors

RT : 14 Ways to Bring Bohemian Romance to Rooms. See all 14 ways here:

A Paris Artist's Loft for Valentine's Day? Oui!
Haven in Paris

Massa Chest & Monza Mirror

My Haven pendant...upstaged by a wall.Seriously though,nice job by on the New American Home interior.
American Home interior

Domus Nova

Breaking down the allure of a coveted fashion-for-the-home status symbol.
House Beautiful

Take a before-and-after tour of this Georgian home:
Traditional Home

Poltrona Cité di Jean Prouvé Scopri di più clicca qui via
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uses blue in a room as masterfully as Matisse did on canvas
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Modern Hanging Fireplace