August 30, 2013

Friday's blog. Moments that inspire me

Welcome to "Friday's blog". New series of articles about 
my favorite Tweets, Facebook pages, 
interesting blogs which I wanna share with you.

Top 10 tweets

Once symmetry is in place, introduce an asymmetrical note - conversely,
this accentuates the harmony in the room.

A Job For : Studio Job - A New Chair from Studio Job:

I'm in love with this fabrick for the accent chairs.

Princess Rooms: Glamour For Any Age  

This one went to Switzerland

Ralph Lauren Apartment No. One Collection

House of Turquoise: Turquoise and Gray love the turquoise in the cabinet...

Nest by Tamara: Summer Interior Design Tweaks:  

RT if you love this wood and stone floor! Mixing materials makes for 

Top 5 Facebook pages

1. Shared by VERANDA Magazine
A new house feels like an old house with a fresh take on 
urban French style.

2. Shared by Barry Darr Dixon
Sunday meditations...memories of installation day in Atlanta. 
"and Fortuny said "let there be light"...and we saw that this was good"....

3. Shared by Debra Usher
Rustic red dining room

4. Shared by Ina Martinez shared Nouveau Interiorismo's photo.
Love this .. !!

5. Shared by Ronique Jones Gibson
Making a Statement in your Interiors with Retro Decor. See how these creative 
retro and vintage style ideas can be mixed and matched in your modern home. 

August 18, 2013

Designer's weekdays. The ancient Greeks and their gadgets

I found these statues in the Louvre. They was made near 2000 years ago!!!!
 But, I noticed some interesting details. Let's begin!
Man & a watch. 
Do you see a watch on his arm? A very big watch! 
And he is afraid, does it possible?

Man & watch

OMG!!! Man & Iphone! 
What he doing? Maybe he try to take a photo himself.
Maybe he is an ancient blogger =))))

Man & Iphone

Man & Iphone

August 13, 2013

Designer's weekdays. French inspiration

Welcome to the Louvre....
I invite you to see the beautiful ceilings.
Follow me.

August 9, 2013

Designer's weekdays. Vintage lights

Mine inspiration for today are vintage lights. 
It's a beautiful accent for romantic or traditional interior. 
Of course, this style for you, if you are exquisite lady
or you prefer tea parties.

vintage lights

vintage lights

vintage lights

August 2, 2013

Designer's weekdays. About my job

I wanna share with you a small part of my job, how designer begin 
a new interior makeover. 
My first rule: I have to make mood board. 
I try to feel a mood of future interior and understand a character and are thoughts my client. 
And, of course, my client's solvency. It's not very easy, but....
Next step. I make 1 or 2  variants of 3D views. 

Mood board. Svetlana Roma Design

Next step. I make 1 or 2  variants of 3D concept. 
 It is much easier, because I have a perfect 3D artist. 
This small article all and nothing about designer's inspiration.
Then I have to do the same interior (like on the my picture), 
but in the real room, but this is another story...

Master bedroom. 3D concept. Svetlana Roma Design

Master bedroom. 3D concept. Svetlana Roma Design

Master bedroom. 3D concept. Svetlana Roma Design

Master bedroom. 3D concept. Svetlana Roma Design