April 23, 2014

Lace design ideas. Inside & outside

Lace is always a fashion trend. Glad to share my inspiration....

 Dutch Design House Demakersvan

 Dutch Design House Demakersvan

white lace wallpaper - could be applied to other surfaces too probably. Acrylic, resin, ceiling, separators, etc.

I like the room itself but what drew my attention was the floor, it's like a lace rug.  Not sure if I'd ever use that decorating idea in my own dream home, but what a cool idea.

a Moorish style perforated brass pendant. Looking like gold lace with its fine detail work.

Elle Decor_matthew-patrick-smyth-designer-visions-EDC-1212-06-xl by AphroChic, via Flickr

Kingston Lacy jewel glass mosaic shown in Quartz and mirror.  -courtesy Rogers & Goffigon

Moroccan Lace Stencil from Royal Design Studio

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