April 27, 2012

Travel to China. Shopping for my interior project

Recently I've been to China. I was a very interesting and fascinating journey.

I vizited to do the shopping for my interior project. In general, to buy furniture. When I arrived to the airport, I felt smell which was ablolutelly unusual for me. It was the smell from Chinese food=) and it was 1st unusual thing for me in China. 
-Chinese restaurant. Peking Duck. It was very strange dish-
The 2nd thing was well-known low Chinese prices (of course). I still don't understand how they do it? How may a sofa about 3 metre cost 200$? Maybe it's joke? I asked myself? After a while I was sure that was real and true. It's very simple to make a big sofa which will cost 200$. For example, you can use the cheapest materials: not wood, but only plywood, leatherette, foam rubber and a very poor hired worker.
We managed to buy the furniture for the whole house in less than 10 days, including fabrics for the curtains and the lights.
Of course in China there are really unusual and very expensive things for interior. I saw enormous quantity of acessories, fabrics and furniture it looked great, absolutely unique things.
There are several photos from China and chinese furniture.

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